Colin and The Agency – the start

My name is Serenity Michaels. You can call me Mike, everybody does.

A few years ago, I was living a completely ordinary life. Or as ordinary as it can be when you’re in the army. Then a man contacted me and my childhood friend, Mickey (I know, Mike and Mickey? well he’s the one who gave me my nickame.) The man said he came from a top secret organisation. Now, for obvious reasons, I can’t name it here, I will just call it The Agency. He said they had been watching us for a while and we were just the kind of people they wanted working for them.
We ignored him. A top secret organisation that absolutely no one has ever heard of? That only happen in movies!

I think about a week went by, then Mickey called me and told me to meet him at our spot, a place we used to play at when we were kids. We still go there to wind down and get away from everything.
Mickey had been contacted by the man from The Agency again. Turns out the man thought it would be easier to get Mickey to listen if I wasn’t there. Well, I can’t say he’s wrong. My dad raised me to be suspicious of everyone. He’s a general in the army and I’m still told, every time we meet, to trust no one! He’s a bit overprotective of me. Not the easiest when you consider what I do for a living…
Anyway, Mickey was waiting for me at our spot, with the man. I have never been angrier with anyone then I was with Mickey at that moment!
This man, let’s call him Colin (he looks exactly like Colin Salmon!), had a file with him. A file about me and Mickey. There were things in it that he shouldn’t know, classified for everybody but the leaders of our country! You see, Mickey and I have been part of more than a few black ops. You know, the “I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you” kinds.

Colin only wanted to give us the short story while out in the open. And the short story was, in his words, that “The Agency recruits people from all over the world. We save lives and we build a better future for mankind. We serve all of humanity and we are what is keeping this world together!”
Now, how can you not be intrigued by that? Just the words he chose, that’s not how people talk. Mankind? Humanity? Keeping the world together? I was curious!

When Mickey and I arrived at The Agency the next day, Colin met us at the entrance. He said it wasn’t the right place, just the adress they gave possible recruits (we should have known.) We were then shown to a car, one it was impossibe to see out from, and it took some time, but we finally arrived at The Agency. Oh I wish you could see it!
You always arrive at an underground garage, then you come in to a room bigger than any you’ve ever seen in a building. You could easily fit four Hercules planes in there. On the right side, you have a view of the sea. But since you’re below ground you realize pretty quickly that the windows are really screens (that and the fact that one screen vibrated a bit and went black just after we arrived.) The wall on the other side of the hallway is as white as it can be. Flowers and plants that I have never seen decorate it the whole way to the other side of the room. There are markings all over the floor, black, green, red etc. Colin just said it can get crowded in there.
At the wall opposite to where we entered, there is a small desk and a woman sitting behind it. She looked, and still looks, like the most ordinary secretary ever. But when walking up to her, I always feel like I’m in a library and being too noisy. The way she look at everyone, those piercing dark eyes and that smirk… I’m telling you, I’ve been in war and I’ve faced horrible things and people, but there is no way I will ever make this woman angry! Lucy is her name.
She is always looking around the hallway, as if expecting to see someone jump out from behind the flowers. After her appearance, the first thing I noticed was the gun she tries to hide under her jacket. There is no denying that it’s a gun, anyone can see that. What is impossible to see is what kind it is. It’s like taken from a sci-fi movie! Another reason never to make her angry.

There is only one door leading out from the hallway, and after the size of the hallway you expect a corridor of the same size. But no, it’s more like a corridor in a hospital. The walls are till white, but there are no plants decorating them. In fact, there’s nothing at all. The only addition of color are the lines on the floor. A red line is going straight forward to the very end of the building, a blue line turns directly to a door on the left. Line after line showing you to a different door. And doors, goodness me there are plenty of them. On our very first visit we followed the red line. It took almost ten minutes to reach the end of the corridor, just to walk for another ten along the next one.
I’ve only been to a handful of offices at The Agency, but they all look the same. A desk facing the door, a map of the world hanging to the right of the desk, a safe to the left of the desk, and more white walls.

A we sat down, Colin retrieved some papers from the safe. We had to sign contracts promising not to talk about what we were about to find out. At this point you may wonder how I can be writing all of this? I signed the papers, so did Mickey, we were too curious not to. And the things I am writing here are approved! With everything that is going on, it is unlikely that what we do at The Agency can be kept a secret much longer. Alien forces are making it very hard for us to stay secret.
After signing the papers, Colin turned on his computer and showed us a short video that another agent had shot. Wow. Just… wow… I still don’t know how to best describe what I saw. But it was enough for both Mickey and myself to accept the work offer!

Stick around and you will find out what we do for humanity.


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