Journal entries. July mission day 1 – entry 1

I have a few journals from older missions. There’s usually not time to write anything while we’re out, but sometimes there’s a lot of waiting and it’s beyond boring to just sit and do nothing. I decided to share one of these journals with you. I’ll give you a short backgroundstory for the mission first.

On July 26 two years ago, myself and three others, Mickey, Adrien and Mohammed, were sent on a rescuemission.
Adrien is the most quiet person you’ll ever meet, and one of the best snipers I have ever worked with. The first couple of times I worked with him, I hated him. Not one word. At all. But his work speak for itself. These days I’m happy to have him with me.
Mohammed is the absolut opposite, you can’t shut him up. He’s really the life of the party and will make anyone feel right at home where ever they’re at. If you’re in a jam, you’ll want him there, he will make you feel safe and you just know everything will be ok.

I will admit that I was a bit worried for myself and Adrien on this mission. He’s got scottish ancestry, and he’s got amazingly, bright, red hair. I, on the other side, am as pale as a human can possible get. Redheads and pale people don’t do too well in the sun. And where were we going? To one of the warmest and sunniest planets we’ve ever been to. SUNSCREEN!!

For a few months, 11 people had been reported missing. This is nothing strange on its own, but they were all from different countries, and all policereports said the same thing – there had been sitings of UFO:s before. The police didn’t take it serious, they dismissed it as hoaxes. But The Agency knows better.
Turned out, it was a race of humanoids called Xtrghngsxklxk that were behind it. (If you think their name is odd, you should hear them talk. They don’t have vowels at all, and they always sound like they’re about to be sick.) We usually just call them X:es.
The X:es had been taking people from earth to sell on their planet. They considered us so primitive that we couldn’t possible do anything about it. Wrong!

With some help, we got a location on them. Planet, coordinates, the works. The Agency have a few ships, interstellar travel IS possible! But this time, we needed Victors aid. He had another Garba take us to the X:es planet.

And that’s where the problems began. My journal from this mission will follow in the next few posts. But it starts here:

July mission day 1, entry 1:
The days here are much longer than on earth, so I’m not sure what day it is. But the mission is close to a disaster.
We were shot down while approaching the planet. Turns out the X:es have a pretty good survilance of the space surrounding their planet. Our Garba pilot has never seen the likes of it. We all survived the crash, the Garba with a broken arm and an injured shoulder, the rest of us with bruises. Early readings from before the crash said the temperature on the surface was somewhere between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius (between 122 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit). 4 hours of walking later and our Garba friend couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t even stand up. The sand and the heat was too much. We did what we could for him, but he passed away. Mohammed’s guessing on internal damage. We were forced to move on, but we buried him in the sand as deep as we could. It took us another hour to reach the village we had gotten the coordinates for. It’s like a small village from the wild west about 10 klicks south of our current position. STAY AWAY FROM IT!

We weren’t prepaired at all. There was so much information we had gotten that was completely wrong. The X:es are hig tech like you can’t imagine. Survilance everywhere. Nothing is wooden, it’s all made from a substance that looks like metal. We still don’t know what the X:es look like, they’re all wearing exosceletons when outside.  Mohammed got a glimpse of something humanoid with a fuzzy skin, like peaches.

We managed to locate the kidnapped humans. I’m afraid only two of them were alive. They still are, they’re here with us now, Alice and Paul. Mohammed got shot while we rescued Alice and Paul. Some form of pulseweapon. He’s alive but unresponsive. If he doesn’t wake up soon, he won’t survive. It’s just getting warmer and warmer here. Turns out the nights are warmer than the days.

The only luck we’ve had so far is that the X:es consider us too primitive to be a threat. Our weapons easiliy escaped the survilance in their village. They never bothered to check our crashed ship either, I guess they just assumed we wouldn’t make it. This made for a pretty easy rescue of Alice and Paul.

We have taken refuge in the mountains, 10 klicks north of the village. There’s a cave just a short climb up that we’re taking refuge in. It’s getting warmer by the hour here, and even if it’s still really hot in the cave, it’s a lot better than outside. We would never survive there at night!
We have rationed our food and water, I give it 4 days. Possibly 5. Alice and Paul are in pretty ok shape, they’ve been given food and water, but the heat has gotten to them.

We’ve been in the cave for 6 hours, so there’s still plenty of time. Adrien is sending messages out to whomever might be listening. The Agency and Victor will send help when it becomes clear something has gone wrong. But I doubt it will be in time.

I will update the journal daily. At the end of the noteboook, I’ve written down everything we know about the X:es and the village.
We will keep sending messages until our radios die. We are thinking of a way to mark the cave so our allies can find us, but not the X:es.


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