Journal entries. July mission, day 1 – 3

I’m spending the weekend at The Agency, on stand by, so I need something to do other than drive Mickey crazy. Here are more journal entries from the July Mission two years ago.

Day 1, entry 2, July mission.

We’ve been in the cave for 12 hours now. Mohammed finally woke up. He assures us he’s fine, but I’m making him take it easy. We don’t know what that weapon did to him. It may just be some form of stunner, but what does it do to humans?
I won’t let him guard the entry to the cave, Micke, Adrien and I can do that for now.

Since the last entry, there has been massive movement among the X:es, maybe it’s because of Alice and Paul. Two dozen smaller ships have been launched and they have been flying over us every now and then since. Do they know there are caves here? Everything about them is high-tech so we’re hoping caves are too primitive for them to even think about.

The opening to the cave is pretty small and I don’t think they can see it from above. We could hardly see it from the ground, it was pure, dumb luck that we found it. It doesn’t go very deep, just enough to shield us from the worst heat. We can’t go outside at all right now, we can’t even go near the opening, it’s so damn hot! The walls are a bit cooler so we’re just sitting here, hoping for the best. Alice says it will be daytime in about six hours, it can’t happen soon enough. I don’t like not having a lookout at the opening, I feel safer knowing what’s going on outside.

Day2, entry 1, July mission.

We made it through the night, but it wasn’t easy. Even though we have food and water for 4 days, I’m not sure we can take the heat for that long. Paul is pretty taken by it, we’re gonna need to give him more water if he’s gonna survive. Alice told us about one of the buildings in the village, there’s plenty of drinkingwater. But I don’t know, can we risk going?

Mickey is talking about going up the mountain. There could be better shelter and maybe we could find a spot to signal our possible rescuers. Another risk. Even the easiest things are difficult on this planet. But better to have a plan than not.

Day 2, entry 2, July mission.

We’re tired, we’re warm, and we’re hungry. We’ve been up all night hoping not to be discovered. It was late yesterday when we saw a few X:es moving closer to the mountain. An hour later, they were still there. They weren’t making any attempts on going up. You either have to climb or walk on really narrow paths. Can they do either?

Paul is worse. He won’t drink anything. Besides giving him water, there’s nothing we can do. We’re all exhausted.

Day 2, entry 3, July mission.

Our communicators are low on batteries. Maybe they will work a handful more times.

Day 2, entry 4, July mission.

We’re talking about going to the village for water, me and Mickey. Adrien is the best shot and is best suited to guard the cave. Mohammed is still not showing any signs of trauma, mental or physical, from being stunned, so I feel comfortable with leaving them.
If we’re going, we have to do it tomorrow, before the X:es come back. IF they come back. It’s been hours and no sign of them.

(We’re going!)

Day 3, entry 1, July mission.

We did it. We made it to the village and back. It’s almost night and we barely made it to the cave without passing out.

We set out first thing this morning, when the temperature was low enough for us to be able to go outside. There were no signs outside saying the X:es had been here during the night, so we decided to risk it.
We covered our heads and faces and walked as fast as we could, which, granted, isn’t very fast here. Adrien forced us to take more water with us than we wanted. And we had a piece of cloth dragging in the sand behind us to cover our tracks. But there would be no hiding if a ship flew over.

We expected guards all over the village, but there were none. It wasn’t until we could see the doorways to the buildings that we saw any. One guard at every door.
The building we needed to get to was the second from where Alice and Paul had been held. It was smaller than the others, and the entrance wasn’t out along the street like the others. Still, the door could be seen by 3 other X:es. Their weapons are much more powerful than ours, not to mention that they have those damn pulseweapons.
There were three windows on the building, one on each side. On earth, that would be easy. Here, the windows aren’t made of glass. I don’t know what it is. Then there’s the technology. Alice didn’t know if there were any alarms.

We talked for a bit on how smart the X:es are. Yes, they’re smart enough to be as technological advanced as they are, but are they too smart? If we’re thought of as so primitive, then the way we think, and plan, and strategies, must be too. At that point, it was just crossing our fingers and hope.

There were no places to take cover, it was the cleanest village I’ve ever seen! In the end, we had to sit down behind one of the buildings and make up a plan. What would the X:es do in case of an explosion? Would they even care? Or a fire, would it make the ones guarding the doors leave? We didn’t know, but it was all we could do. If we set fire to something it had to be pretty close, we couldn’t do much running in the heat.
In the end, we decided that I should creat the diversion just a few buildings away. The second the X:es would move, if they moved, Mickey would go in to the building, get as much water as he could and leave. I would join as soon as I could, and get more water if possible.

Some X:es moved down the street and in to the building at the corner, 5 houses away. They didn’t leave a guard at the door, they left it open. Maybe they were a sort of police?
I headed for the same building, very carefully, while trying to loosen the glass of my monocular.


(Sorry, an alarm is sounding, and Lucy at the front desk is calling for us. I’ll continue to write later.)


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