Journal entries. Day 3 – 5

All is good. We had an unexpected visitor, but it’s taken care of. I even got to sleep, so all in all it was a good day/night.

Day 3, entry 1, July mission.

The cornerbuilding had one window on each side, just like the one we needed to get in to. I could see the X:es close to one window. Two of them had their backs to the door and I could see a sofa close to it too.
I had the cloth we had been dragging behind us to cover our tracks that I could set on fire, and the X:es had bottles and cans and all kinds of things in one of the corners. Maybe they weren’t guards, cleaningpersonel?

The X:es were turned away from me so it was easy getting in and behind the sofa. A few minutes later the X:es left, but didn’t close the door. I hurried over to the corner and grabbed as many cans and bottles I could and poured it all over the sofa, just hoping some of it would burn. I hid behind the sofa again, waiting. When the X:es came back, they were in a pretty heated discussion and didn’t see me get out. I dragged the sofa in front of the door and used my monocular to set a fire. Oh sweet someone that thing burned! I don’t know wat was in the cans, but it was dangerous!
The X:es inside were screaming and as I hurried out of view, more came around to their rescue. I ran as fast as I could back to Mickey who had managed to get in to the building unseen. We could carry four bottles of water each so that was good. They were pretty large too.

Since we didn’t have anything to hide our tracks with, we had to make a detour, we couldn’t go straight for the mountain and the cave. It wasn’t until we were at the foot of the mountain that ships were starting to approach. We had to hide under a rock for a while before we could go higher up and then try to get back to our cave. The last couple of hours were hell. It was so hot and so bright and we were exhausted. But we found our way back.
We have burns on our faces now, but they’re not too bad, I don’t think there will be any permanent damage.

Day 3, entry 2, July mission.

We’re gonna try to get som sleep. All batteries are dead, Paul is unconscious, and Alice is getting pretty weak too. We need to be rescued soon.

Day 4, entry 1, July mission.

Paul didn’t make it through the night.

Adrien and Mohammed have done their best to keep a lookout during the night, there are X:es everywhere. IF rescue is on the way, we have two options. Go up the mountain and somehow mark our location, or head back to our crashed ship. I’m not fond of either. Mickey and Mohammed are working on a plan while Adrien and I take turns guarding the entrance.

Day 4, entry 2, July mission.

They’re close. Closer than they’ve been before. If they keep this up they’re gonna find us. Mickey and Mohammed have been able to have a look around the cave, there are a few narrow paths up the mountain but there’s nowhere to hide. Unless the X:es back off, we’re trapped.

Day 4, entry 3, July mission.

I’m listening to the ships fly over. Again and again. But I guess it could be a good thing. We can’t leave, and if rescue is coming, they will guess we’re here.

Some of the X:es just passed way too close to us. We’ve had to move back a bit so they won’t see us.

Day 5, entry 1, July mission.

Alice just have enough strength to sit up. We’re all exhausted and hungry. The heat will take us soon.

Day 5, entry 2, July mission.

Two X:es went by the cave just now. Right outside it.

If this is found. Tell my dad I love him!


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