July mission – the end.

Some of the details are still a bit fuzzy.
We were found by the X:es and we gave all we had, but it wasn’t enough. Our weapons didn’t do much damage to their exoskeletons. The ones we managed to take out was more luck than skill.

We were taken from the cave to the base of the mountain and I think they were trying to interrogate us, but our translators didn’t recognize the language. We have the X:es language added, but not all dialects.

Mohammed did his usual thing. He tried to talk to them, tried to use bodylanguage, handsigns, anything he could think of. They didn’t go for it, putting a gun to his head was a pretty good way of saying “stop it”.

They started marching us towards the village. Not good. Their sun and nothing to protect our skin. Adrien was given Alice to carry.
We can’t have walked more than half an hour before the sun got to us. We couldn’t stand and Adrien almost dropped Alice.

I vaguely remember hearing a familiar noise, but couldn’t see from where. Mohammed was trying to help me get up and the X:es were screaming and raising their weapons. Next thing I know, Mohammed was down in the sand next to me and I couldn’t tell if he had been killed or not.
And then I heard shots fired. P90, I was sure of it! And yes, our people. I was too exhausted to get up, everything was spinning when I tried. I saw Mickey to my side, covering Adrien and Alice as well as he could.

It felt like an hour went by, but it was probably only minutes and the X:es started to retreat. I heard a different sound, one I couldn’t place. Was it friendly or not? Shade, it gave us shade. Probably friendly.
It was a ship. One I hadn’t seen before, but I would regonize that design anywhere, it was a Garba ship. I tried getting up again but was held down by Mohammed. Thank goodness, he was alive!

I don’t remember much before waking up the floor of the ship. Mohammed was sitting to my left and the others were lying on my right side. Victor showed up shortly after, telling us to relax and not to worry. Now, me being as stubborn as I am, won’t really listen to stuff like that, so I got up, fell right back down and forced myself up again.
Victor finally grabbed my arm and held me steady.
“You need to take it easy,” he said.
Yeah, that’s gonna happen…

I told him what happened to our Garba friend, the pilot, but he already knew. They had followed a tracker he had on, one we didn’t know about. Victor told us that three days after we had left Earth orbit, they had found out that our information was wrong. We were already closing in on the X:es planet and didn’t respond to any communication. It was directly agreed that something must have gone wrong, and a rescuemission was organized. It wasn’t until Victor was here that he discovered the X:es were jamming all transmissions.

Thanks to the ships flying over us, it was easy to understand where to find us. The X:es may have technology way beyond us, but we have bigger ships! The X:es were held back long enough for agents to get a hold of us and get us inside. (And by “we have bigger ships”, I do mean our Garba friends…)

Two from The Agency, two Garbas, and Victor had come for us. Lawrence, one of our fellow agents, was taking our blood and doing tests while being a real sweetheart to Alice. Olivina, the other agent, was going through my journal entries while asking question after question after question. She was trying to piece everything together.
The information we had gotten before we left turned out to come from the Votoons. A race of creatures that wants nothing more than to destroy everything they can. The Votoons are damn hard to fight, because they aren’t afraid to die. They look forward to it. It’s even an honor to die in battle. We’re gonna ignore what they did this time. Last thing we need is to go to war with them!

We were now in for a three day travel home, but the best thing was getting a not-so-very-homemade-meal. That was just amazing. Food!!


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