I’ve been forced to stay in the hospital for a while now, I got injured on our last mission (I will tell you more about that later), so I figured I would explain a couple of things, answer some questions that people usually have. (Also, there’s a new member on my team, Jason, I’ll tell you more about him another time.)

Q – Our translators. We meet a lot of alien races, and talk to them. But how does that work when we don’t even share a language?
A – Since we don’t have a TARDIS to help us (wouldn’t that be awesome?), we use a sort of translator-patch. It’s almost half the size of a nicotine-patch. It’s placed behind the ear and it will sting a bit when you first get it, then you don’t even feel it. A lot of others “out there” use these patches. We got our from Victor and his people. So far we haven’t met anybody with a language it couldn’t translate. Dialects can however throw it of and make it not work. A patch will work for about five years before we need to change it.

Q – Ships, do we have them or not?
A – I wish… We have smaller ones, but they can’t go very far. THey can however protect this planet if needed. I think the moon is far enough for them. Technically, we can go further, but since it would take forever just to leave the solarasystem… We need hyperspeed (or is there another name for it when it’s not in movies? I think I need to talk to our tech people more. The ships we use when leaving earth are ships provided by the Garba (Victors’ people). There are a few on loan to us, but we don’t have any of our owns. I hope they’re working on that, it would be so cool!

Q – How long have The Agency been in operation?
A- Since april 14th, 1852. I’m gonna ask around and see if I can get any good answers on how it got started, and see if I’m allowed to share that with you.

Q – Who’s working for The Agency?
A – It’s really people from everywhere, all kinds of people. For working in the field (like I do) you need a background in the military or law enforcement. Then we have a lot of tech people, linguists, doctors, nurses, scientists (lods and loads of them!) and so on. All have combat training, before or after being recruited.

Q – How does The Agency recruit?
A – The recruiters, Colin and his people, have eyes and ears everywhere. They keep a close watch on everyone that could be of use to us/the planet in some way. They also have contacts in pretty much every university, college, military base etc. If you stand out or if they think there’s something extra about you, trust me, you’ll know!

Q – How do you apply to work for The Agency?
A – “Don’t call us, we’ll call you!”

Q – Does The Agency hire as many women as men?
A – Out in the field there are more men than women, but there’s still quite a few of us. The lab at the main HQ (where I’m stationed) have more women than men. And for the rest it’s actually pretty even.

Q – How does The Agency feel about LGBT+?
A – The only thing that matters is your job. Everyone’s welcome. Adrien (that I wrote about in my journal entries a while back) is a trans man and Adalina (one of our alien scientists that I’m not sure if I have introduced yet) is a lesbian. (I think Lucy at the front desk has a thing for her, but I’m not sure. Lucy is really hard to read.)

Q – Where is The Agency located?
A – I can’t tell you that. We have a main HQ in one of the biggest cities in the world, then we have smaller ones on every continent and a few bases spread out over the world too.

Q – What country do we work for?
A – All of them. There are 5 people (currently 4 men and 1 woman) who make up the board. They take all the major decisions. Then there’s 1 director in the USA, Canada, Russia, China, the rest of Asia, North Africa, South Africa, Europe, northern South America, and souther South America. Every 4 years there’s a vote on who will be on the board.

Q – Do we answer to a president or another ruler?
A – No. Most presidents, head of states, whatever, don’t even know about The Agency (unless they read here..). They would have nothing to say in the matter. We’re here for planetary protection.

Q – What’s The Agency stand on religion?
A – We don’t care what people believe in or don’t believe in as long as they do their job.

Q – What kind of weapons do we use?
A – We mostly use alien weapons that can both kill, injure, and stun. If it’s a rescue mission, we will use pretty much the same weapons the military uses. We always carry handguns and knifes.

Do you have any questions? Just write a comment 🙂


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