The Votoons

Jason, the new guy, I mentioned him in my last post. He got a busy start with us!

A short while ago, Colin brought him to the HQ and introduced him to the rest of us. He will be joining my team. One of ours, Matt, has been home for a while after having a baby, so Jason will take his place on my team for now.
He’s from the army, like me and Mickey, and thank goodness for that. He arrived on the wrong day. I think he had been with us for 2 hours when a call came in about hostile aliens. They were in the next city and they were wearing som form of body armor. Whenever they talk about body armor, we get a bit nervous, it could be the Votoons.
And it was.

The Votoons are pretty stupid, but so well organized in battle, you wouldn’t believe it! They love war, it’s their whole reason to live. And they don’t mind dying as long as it’s in a fight. Because of their armor, they’re also pretty hard to injure or kill. Oh, and did I mention their blood is dangerous to humans? Yeah…

Me, Mike, Adrien, Mohammed, Jason, Matt (wrong day to visit, good thing he didn’t have the baby with him), and Luke left (by helicopter, I love helicopters!) and I think that was the quickest briefing I’ve ever been part of. Jason had no idea what he was up against, but when you’re in, you’re in.

There were 6 Votoons wrecking havoc in the middle of a street. Shooting things, destroying buildings… There were people everywhere, some dead, others injured.
Once we got close enough and could see their armor, we were in for a bit of a surprise. They had upgraded it. There was pretty much nothing of the creatures showing. There was a tiny gap at their shoulders, hips, wrists and ankles, that was it. The only way we would be able to stop them would be explosives or getting some piece of their armor of them to shoot them. Obviously we couldn’t blow them up, they were in the middle of a street! But getting close to them? Removing a helmet? I could hear both Mohammed and Matt say a prayer. I think Jason got a bit pale, but who didn’t at the first meeting with a Votoon? Since he’s the new guy, I told him to stay with me and Mickey. The others were split up in pairs.

The Votoons helmets didn’t look like they would be too difficult to take of, it was getting close that would be a problem, attacking them one at the time from front and back seemed like a good idea at the time. The 6 Votoons were spread out so that helped. Even if we managed to disarm them, we would be in trouble. That would only leave us with a “monster” way stronger than any of us. Yay..

But we made it. We took them out. There was running, screaming, shooting, and a few of us did a bit of flying (me included, ouch).
After the first 2 Votoons had been killed (yes, we had no choice there), the other 4 got together and attacked us.
We retreated, we needed to rethink the situation, and Matt had the best idea he’s ever had. “We could use the helicopter to knock them out” he said. Of course, the Votoons may be strong and wear armor, but how much weight can land on top of them and not stop them?
You see the downside here, don’t you? How do we stop them from shooting at the helicopter? You see the answer too, huh? We draw the fire. And another problem. The innocent people all over the sidewalks.
We had to get out in the street, exposing us completely to the Votoons and pretty much hope for the best. The Votoons are 8ft tall, and are built like He-Man. And then body armor on top of that. Huge! This is where you ask how we got the helmet off 2 of them. Cars. We get a bit taller too when we’re up on cars. Now we would be more like ants. Ants who needed to get the big monsters to follow them so innocent victims lying on the ground wouldn’t get hurt more, or killed.

It took some time to get the helicopter ready, we had to have Colin and Victor flown in to help us, we were busy with the Votoons, and one pilot doing everything on her own would just take too long.

Once the helicopter was in the air, we got out into the street, drew the Votoons fire. I have never fired my weapon that many times in one day before. But seeing the helicopter was pretty cool. It was like a wreckingball! Just, WHAM, and 2 of the Votoons were out. The other 2 turned to the helicopter and we had to get closer. Matt, Adrien, and myself were injured before the helicopter got its second chance and took out the remaining 2 Votoons.

And guess what, Mickey found the Votoon ship by accident! Mickey and Luke were clearing the road as much as they could so ambulances could get to the injured people. Mohammed and Jason were doing their best to help people until the medics could get to them.
One of the cars that was in the middle of the street was still working, so Mickey drove it to the side, to the grass, and crashed into nothing. With a cut on his head he got out of the car and started walking up an invisible ramp. That’s a look I won’t forget anytime soon!

Remember I told you the Votoons are pretty stupid? Yeah, Mickey could just walk right in to the ship!
I started walking towards the ship too, I wanted to see this, and was quickly joined by Jason. He wasn’t happy I got up, but what could he do? A really great guy!

But the ship! Oh I was dissapointed… It was so simple, even I could fly it! I’m pretty sure I won’t be allowed to. I may or may not have a bad record with trying to fly alien ships.
Every button and lever had a marking in Votoon. I recognized a few words, they were telling us what the buttons do. The first ship we didn’t need help with to know how to fly it.

Just don’t think it was over yet. Nope. That’s a story for the next entry!