My name is Serenity Michaels, but most people call me Mike. Or agent Michaels. I work at a top secret agency that I, for obvious reasons, can’t name. I will just call it The Agency.

I have been allowed to write about some of my work for The Agency here. For the safety of the people I work with, their names have been changed, everything else you read about them is real.
I will not tell you from what country we operate, but know that every country on this planet is involved in our work! At times I will have my phone with me on missions and I will update when I have a moment. But to tell you the truth, most of those moment are when we’re in flight to our next destination. So live updates from the middle of a battle is something you can stop looking forward to right now I’m afraid.

So what do we do at The Agency? Oh honey, what don’t we do? Just go on and read and you will find out!












(All characters, places and aliens are, if you have not figured it out yet, a work of fiction!)